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Following in my shoes


Emma's ShirtsI spent an afternoon last weekend helping my daughter come up with an idea for a Christmas gift for family members that are visiting this holiday.  Of the suggestions that ranged from bizarre to implausible was making them shirts.  I’ve done some screen prints in the past that turned out pretty well and thought it might be fun to print some of her art.

The print above is 100% her work (slightly organized by and then digitized by me) and I think my favorite part is that stylized “a” on her name is starting to feel like her own brand.  Who knows, maybe well come up with a line of shirt prints together.

Silkscreening for Christmas


My brother and sister-in-law are Van Halen groupies. They live in Belgium and have traveled as far as the US to see a show or two, often multiple nights in a row. I got the itch over the holidays to try some shirts again and here is the result as xmas gifts to them. Fixed a lot of the errors that I had in previous attempts and the results reflect it. One was centering the image, on the rudimentary one color set up I made – it was difficult to center the image. I used circle stickers (you can see in one photo) to frame the center of the shirt where the images should be applied. Worked great. I also practiced more “flooding” the screen and then applying the ink to the shirt. Technique makes a HUGE difference. So do the materials, as this time I used professional screens (110 mesh) rather than crappy art store screens designed for “any” surface.Maddox Tour

The Hellfire Club, wicked good


hellfireFrom Sebastian Lester, a type designer in the UK:

The Hellfire Club was the popular name for a number of clubs for high society rakes established all over Britain and Ireland in the 18th century.

These clubs are the inspiration behind this edition, best described in Seb’s words, “As far as I can make out they mostly got drunk, shagged and swore a lot. It’s served as inspiration for this piece which I wanted to be darkly Gothic and beautifully sensual.”

2010 Gocco print calendar


GoccoSo I keep meaning to play with Gocco printing and I’m sure my silk screening experiments will eventually get me there.  Meanwhile, I often run across some outstanding examples that draw me back to it.  This one is a standout.  Some really fun illustration work.  You can support their cause and get some great art for 2010 at Crossbird’s Etsy store.

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